Earthtone Analog Heart

We created a new generation of pedals, built with original design circuits that are not copying anything else. This is the result of a long research work, both on tube and transistor pedals and represents an evolution in the analog world tradition, both with style and versatility. We use top quality components and our effects are meant to reduce to zero all the unwanted noises and to keep dimensions and weight to the essential.

Rose – Analog Tube Echo

COD. EPS000918

This tube echo is the first Earthtone step towards a psychedelic and wonderful world. Rose wants to be a real alternative to the digital pedals following the path of great delay or echo effects of the past like Aiwa and Echoplex, but with its own personality.

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Cappuccino – Tube Boost

COD. EPS000118

Cappuccino is a creamy tube boost with a wise tone control that sets your timbre at its best. Cappuccino is able to colour the guitar player’s choices adding the real tube dynamic and highlighting all the components of the sound both clean and distorted without changing its personality.

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Coffee Tube – Tube Overdrive

COD. EPS000318

Coffee Tube’s circuit is based on the 12AX7 vacuum tube. The distortion is completely assisted by the tube and occurs inside the tube itself, and this means you can control the gain directly from your guitar. The result is a creamy timbre, rich of medium harmonics, characteristic of thermoionic valves.

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Mamma Mia –  Fuzz With Germanium Transistor

COD. EPS000718

“Mamma Mia!” It’s exactly what I shouted out as soon as I activated the footswitch of the new fuzz by Earthtone, made with two AC151 Germanium transistors. Something absolutely new and powerful hit my ears, leaving me surprised and speechless! You will feel like those who saw the first live Hendrix shows…

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Sicilia – Overdrive

COD. EPS001018

Sicilia is Earthtone’s first natural Overdrive circuit. At the base of Sicilia’s philosophy there is the dynamic freedom on which we continue investing time and research. An acid fragrance, warm and encouraging at the same time, that easily varies and adapts itself to the guitar player’s control.

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Casanova – Boost

COD. EPS001018

Casanova is the first of Earthone’s boost family. This boutique pedal provides an increase of 20 db in the total output gain on every frequency from 40HZ to 8000HZ. The sound is clean and rich in high and medium harmonics and works well in the loop effects input as a gain booster but also in output as a pre-amp.

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Gioia – Boost

COD. EPS000618

Earthtone Gioia is a boost with a JFET transistor with an equalization section studied in order to be adapted to the different combinations in the setup of a guitar player. This boutique pedal wants to help every musician to reach the perfect combination of tone and harmonics without taking away substance to the whole sound. With Gioia you can range from a typical sound of the seventies with hollowed lows and cutting highs to a more jazzy sound passing through all the tone features and effects that you wish.


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Enzo – Tube Overdrive

COD. EPS000518

Earthtone Enzo is a tube overdrive with the right character to create the warmest rock sounds. A dynamic boutique pedal full of expression and able to exalt the harmonics, thanks to an excellently regulated tube. Enzo has been designed to reach the desired sustain that allows infinite solos and infinite feedback! Ideal for rock, fusion and those slightly compressed sounds typical of the 80s, Enzo can be used in any situation that needs real tube warmth and sound. Enzo offers 50 db of pure analog power, without losing a pleasant and elegant versatility!

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Pepper – Germanium / Silicon Transistor Fuzz

COD. EPS000818

Pepper is the first Fuzz built by Earthtone using an AC187 transistor together with a silicon one. The harmonic analysis in frequence shows a natural and round gain increase already at 80/100 HZ, sign of a quick feedback of the circuit. Pepper is the perfect instrument to go beyond the old rivalries between distortion and fuzz.


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Onda – Tube Chorus

COD. EPS001118

Il cuore di Onda batte grazie ai due storici integrati: MN3108 e MN3007
Attraverso il loro carattere spumeggiante e per niente, neutro Onda si colora di una tonalita’ unica

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Eclisse – Boosted OP Distortion

COD. EPS000418

Eclisse e’ un distorsore potente dal timbro caldo e corposo degno di cavalcare gli stili musicali piu’aggressivi; heavy metal, trash, speed e hard rock !

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Spirito – Tube Reverb

COD. EPS001219

SPIRITO è l’intuizione che fa a pezzi la logica e fa scaturire il fuoco della musica. SPIRITO è L’Essenza, la tua Essenza più intima e profonda, quella che non vedi ma sai che c’è, quella che non puoi controllare, ma che ti guida nella giusta direzione.

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